Default Lens Options 

If you are unsure about your lens options, feel free to contact us

1. Single Vision Standard

Standard — Provides clear vision for long distance or near reading. If your prescription is over +/-3.00, thinner & lighter lens options are available from our custom lens options below. 

2. Sunglass or Clear lens

Sunglass — When used outdoors only for sun-protection.

Clear lens — When used for both indoors and outdoors. 

3. Coating Types

Scratch-Resistant coating — Prolongs the lifespan of your lenses by making it more scratch resistant. 

Anti-Glare coating — Reduces glare and reflections from all surfaces - eg: windows, shiny surfaces (ie cars) or puddles of water during a wet and rainy day, the list goes on .. 

Blue-Filter coating — Reduces transmission of artificial blue light from digital screens. Many users experience some form of relief/ comfort from this coating after prolonged use of digital screens. 

Custom Lens Options

If your lens option is unavailable from the default options: 

Customise your lens >> Click HERE.